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GMB Services in India

We are encouraging you to choose an online business that is growing through Google My Business.

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GMB Services to Try - BM Agency

Now, suppose you have created your presence on the web. But how will your potential customers know that you exist and you offer the services that they are searching for? GMB Services are the best option in such a case to help you and we at, Beaver Marketing Agency, offer you the right help that you require.


Our Google My Business Packages

Hourly Plan

$ 5.00 /hr
  • Claim ownership of Google My Business (GMB) account
  • Three (3) original posts per month to Google My Business Page
  • Continuing optimization for local SEO and Google Maps
  • Monthly online reporting
  • Setup visitor tracking and analytics
  • Basic keyword research - 5 keywords
  • Basic citation building

What are GMB Services?

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GMB is the abbreviation for Google My Business. It is mainly a Google listing service just like a directory in which the details of your business are listed. It is mainly for small business houses that are located at a particular location and whose search results will depend upon the users who are searching the service along with the location. For example, when someone is searching for the best Spa in XYZ location.

Our GMB Services Offer:

Benefits of GMB Services

There are a number of benefits of GMB Services because of which our experts suggest this service to our clients. Some of the benefits that our clients enjoy after getting the GMB Services are:

Customer Details

All the details of the business are available in a single glance for the potential customers such as phone number, timing, address, and others.

Local SEO

It is extremely helpful for local SEO. Increase the popularity and productivity of your local networks.
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SEO on Sales

As SEO gets improved, sales also go high. Sales are dependent on a product's visibility in search engine results.

Product Reviews

Business owners get to know more by going through the reviews given by the customers about their products and services.

How do we help?

Usually, business owners can set up their own profile for GMB Services but our experts at Beaver Marketing Agency take the responsibility of offering extra benefits to the business owners. For example, our professionals help in customizing the profile so that the profile can attract more traffic.

Also, when you do not have time to check and engage with the users who are putting up reviews on your listing, our experts handle such activities for you. Moreover, our professionals will offer you the right suggestions as and when required.

While adding your business to the listing will put up a profile amidst many other businesses in that location, our team will help you in getting a profile that is SEO optimized so that your brand rank well in the SERP.

Why Should You Hire Beaver Marketing Agency For Your GMB Project?

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced marketing agency to handle your GMB project, Beaver Marketing Agency is an excellent choice. Here are a few reasons why:

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The team at Beaver Marketing Agency has years of experience in local SEO and GMB optimization.
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Results-driven Approach

Beaver Marketing Agency is focused on delivering results for their clients. They use data-driven
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Affordable Pricing

Beaver Marketing Agency offers competitive pricing for their GMB optimization services. They

What Our Clients Say About Our Services?

Frequently Asked Questions About GMB Services in India

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Green White Modern Social Media Marketing Instagram Post (6)

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